For the information of Honourable Minister Khurshid Shah, the people of Pakistan have a right to ask questions when billions of rupees belonging to pensioners are being invested in shady real estate deals without any authorization from those to whom the money belongs. The print and electronic media can only show you your mirror image in the hope that you may make amends and improve yourself. After all, to this date, not a single major financial scam is associated with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his government whose tenure was longer than any civil government after him. The people of Pakistan are well aware of the massive bungling of state assets and real estate by Ziaul Haq junta, followed by pilferage and plunder by that of Musharraf. The tales of scores of families who became billionaires overnight is testimony to the huge plunder undertaken without any hindrance or fear that has reduced this country to bankruptcy. Pakistan in accordance with the 1973 constitution is a federal parliamentary system of government, in which power belongs to the people and not to any clutch of individuals. Public money, funds, tax deposits and loans from donor agencies belong to the people of Pakistan and every paisa spent must be accounted for. When the National Bank of Pakistan grants permission to waive off huge loans running into billions to key figures in the government, including the present regime, it is the people of Pakistan who are being robbed. If the national airline PIA is running into huge debts and liabilities to the tune of over Rs142 billion and its MD is negotiating a new deal worth over Rs165 billion to buy aircrafts, the people and the media have a right to question. It is all owned by the taxpayer and not by the President, PM or the cabinet. -RASHID ORAKZAI, Quetta, via e-mail, August 12.