I am a member of the middle class, and have been earning a wage that seems to have lost all purchasing power. My manager and the finance department at my office do not think that I need a raise. I will not mention how expensive potatoes are or other vegetables; I will not mention the sky-high prices of fruit in a country that ironically exports agricultural goods. Last year in August, I consumed 721 units of electricity and my electricity bill was Rs. 8,154, while this year, in this democratic government’s rule, I consumed the same 721 units and my electricity bill is Rs. 14,618.

I am flabbergasted, dumb founded and utterly amazed, by this exorbitant amount. I tried to look at the bill to try and find exactly what has changed, and upon closer inspection, I noticed that there is a ‘Subsidy Charge’ of Rs. 700, and another bogus charge called ‘L.P Surcharge’ of Rs. 1165. Why do I have to pay a subsidy to the government and an additional LP surcharge?


Lahore, August 15