My heart bleeds at what’s currently going on in the federal capital. Every speech of Imran Khan, coupled with his threats of trespassing the red zone, reinforces my perception of him as nothing but a hollow leader. Khan had the golden chance of proving his political mettle by trying to make a difference in KPK. He should have taken some inspiration from Narindra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India. Mr Modi had to govern Gujarat for quite a long time, and his success in Gujarat resulted in people voting for him as India’s next PM. Imran Khan is inciting his followers to commit acts of violence and still claims that his march is a peaceful one. Claiming to be a ‘leader’, he has called on his followers to practice what he thinks is civil disobedience against a democratically elected government.

He needs to realise that he’s no Gandhi or Mandela, who conducted marches for solid reasons. Khan has always spoken against government officials who evade taxes, but what difference is he making by instructing his followers to evade taxes as well? Khan is also responsible for breaching the trust of the people of KPK. Those who voted for him wanted him to be there when they needed him the most, but he is busy orchestrating long marches. His attitude is surely paving the way for another military coup in Pakistan.


Lahore, August 18.