Iranian Consul General in Peshawar Hassan Darvishvand has expressed optimism for timely completion of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, as per agreement, saying it would prove beneficial for the two brotherly Islamic states.

“The project was initiated after signing an agreement with the former PPP-led government and Iran has almost completed installation of pipeline from its side, but it was delayed from Pakistan side,” Darvishvand told media in a “Guest Hour” programme organised by the Peshawar Press Club on Thursday. However, he said, the government of Iran was quite optimistic that Pakistan will complete the project as per agreement, which could be beneficial for both countries.

He said the people of Pakistan particularly those living in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were much resilient under prevailing deteriorating law and order situation. He said external forces were fuelling terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and othet parts of the country, in which large number of innocent citizens were killed and injured.

Commenting on the existing political crisis in Pakistan, Darvishvand said that it was internal issue of Pakistan and Iran does not want to make any kind of intervention in these issues. Rather, he said Iran wants everlasting peace, stability and prosperity in Pakistan.

About the Pakistan-Iran relations, he said that both brotherly Islamic states are tied in multiple cordial relations. “Our religious, culture history, politics and enemy are same,” he said, adding only better relations between Iran and Pakistan would be beneficial for both brotherly Islamic countries.

Talking about the hospitality and braveness of Pakhtuns, the Iranian diplomat said that Pakhtuns are hospitable people, as during his stay he found them beyond his expectations. “The Pakhtuns give me much respect and honour for which I am personally grateful to them,” Darvishvand added.