ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination on Thursday took the notice of ‘unlawful’ meetings held by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and advised the concerned to refrain from such a practice.

In a letter dated August 18, 2014, the ministry said that meetings were being held at the PMDC, particularly the one held on 08-08-2014 by some of the already de-notified members. The ministry was of the view that holding any such meetings was not in line with the orders and judgments passed by various courts of the country, including those passed by Lahore High Court as well as decided by the then Chief Justice of the LHC.

The ministry added that it would not be out of place to also keep in mind the recommendations made by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly regarding the unlawful standing and working of the PMDC. Furthermore the matter already has been forwarded to Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights and it would be in the fitness of things that the orders of the High Court of Sindh at Karachi must also be awaited for the further progress in the matter.

The ministry spokesperson explained that the legal status of executive council of PMDC had become controversial as the election of its members was challenged in courts and until its legal position is clear it should not take policy decisions.

The ministry advised the PMDC that in view of the current legal and factual position, it was imperative that all at PMDC comply with the instructions of the Ministry already communicated to the office of the Registrar of the PMDC and ensure that no such illegal meetings were held at PMDC or under its auspices, as these would not be of any lawful consequence.

The spokesperson added that all institutions and individuals, following the unlawful decisions of these PMDC meetings, were doing so at their own risk and responsibility.