HAFIZABAD - The girl students who have passed BA examination along with their parents have called upon the Punjab Education Minister to ensure introduction of MA classes in Hafizabad without further delay.

They said that postgraduate block adjacent to the Government Islamia College for Women Hafizabad had been constructed about ten years back with a cost of millions of rupees. The block was built to enable female graduates to get higher education at their doorsteps.

However, despite completion of the building a decade ago and repeated requests and appeals to the public representatives and provincial authorities, no step could be taken to introduce MA classes. They regretted that the postgraduate block had been “inaugurated” by the incumbent Minister of State for Health and Regulation before the May 2013 election but she failed to take practical step for the introduction of MA classes.

They further said that due to the apathetic attitude of the provincial authorities and little interest shown by the public representatives over a dozen private colleges and academies have be established during the past ten years who are fleecing the hapless students.

They urged the provincial government to ensure introduction of MA classes from the current academic session to facilitate the local girl students.