Islamabad - The law-enforcement agencies have arrested six terror suspects in two different raids yesterday.

According to details, the security agencies arrested a 16-year-old boy along with two others from a local seminary on suspicion of terror offences, including the one which claimed the lives of Punjab Home Minister Shujaa Khanzada and several others last week.

The personnel of counter-terrorism department Punjab, Islamabad police and rangers conducted a joint operation at Madrassa Jamia Haqqania Madnia, F-8/3, and arrested Shakeel (16), the main suspect, along with Mufti Imdad Ullah (25) and Maulana Irshad-ul-Amin (24).

Shakeel hails from Khyber Agency, FATA. Imdad, a married person, is the son of the chief organiser of the seminary Qari Muhammad Ihsan Ullah and a PhD student at International Islamic University Islamabad. Irshad is a teacher at the seminary. Imdad belongs to Batagram, Hazara, while Irshad is from Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the police sources told The Nation.

They said the police and other law-enforcement agencies raided the seminary at 2:00am on Friday and found the gates of the seminary locked from inside. After getting no response from the inmates, the security personnel broke the door of a house adjacent to the seminary and entered the seminary premises. The tip-off was so accurate that police went straight to Shakeel and examined his cell phone by putting some device on it, the sources said. They further said that Shakeel has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism while the other two were held on suspicion of possessing some information that may possibly be helpful in resolving the last-week suicide attack in Attock district. “The arrests are part of the ongoing investigations into the Attock incident,” the sources added.

According to the seminary management, they knew nothing about Shakeel until he arrived at the seminary the same day as a guest of a student Nek Nawaz, a teenager from Khyber Agency. Interestingly, the law-enforcers did not take Shakeel’s host with them for interrogation. The seminary is affiliated with Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al-Arabia Pakistan and is established at green belt between Faisal Avenue and F-8 service road.

Later in the day, Islamabad police, Punjab counter-terrorism department and rangers raided a compound on GT Road Rawat and held three more suspects. The suspects were identified as Qasim, Dolat Khan and Hazrat, sources told The Nation.

Police also recovered arms and ammunition during the raid. The raid was conducted on the information given by three person arrested from the seminary a few hours ago, said sources.

On the other hand, chief organiser of the seminary, Qari Muhammad Ihsan Ullah said the security agencies violated the agreement signed between the local administration and local seminaries’ association. Talking to The Nation, he said the government was harassing the management of religious seminaries. He said that the law-enforcement agencies desecrated the sanctity of the mosque which, he added, is condemnable. He asked the government to immediately release Mufti Imdad Ullah and Maulana Irshad-ul-Amin. The seminary management has disowned Shakeel as they knew nothing about him. Nek Nawaz is still in the seminary. The accused have been shifted to some unknown location for further interrogation leaving behind no clue for the family members to trace them.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested 26 suspects including two Afghan nationals from the city. Bhara Kahu police conducted search operation in various areas falling in its jurisdiction. Similarly, Koral police conducted search operation in Koral and other adjacent areas and arrested two Afghan nationals residing illegally in the country, besides 24 other suspects.