a difference of opinion

S: I really am filled with disgust and shame after reading today’s news of the Tutor who sexually exploited his students, all young girls below the age of 12. It is as if the Kasur tragedy has opened floodgates and cases like these are popping up everywhere now that people are slightly more aware as to not be blackmailed by these monsters.

A: They deserve a special place in hell, taking the innocence of young children who do not know any better. Their mode of crime seems to be the ever-thriving child pornography industry, where they can sell their disgusting criminal acts and make a quick buck.

S: This world is destined for ruin, where children and raped and parents’ heads hang in shame. This particular tutor would blackmail the parents and the victims with the videotapes much like Kasur and the parents kept quiet. This allowed the despicable criminal to move from place to place all around Lahore, targeting young girls in different localities.

A: Even if one parent had come forward to protect their own child and get this man apprehended the following victims could have been saved. But honor is above all. What is honor if the victim is dead inside? Capable of no emotional attachment, suffering from severe psychological trauma for the rest of their life. What life is this? At least its one of honor and dignity. None of it makes sense. This is not religion! This is a cultural abnormality that we have become this way.

S: I feel your pain. This will keep happening till someone stands up for their child and says enough is enough.