ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court has decided to constitute a commission to gauge the performance of National Accountability Bureau and progress on mega corruption scams.

The court decided to form a commission after it noticed that investigations into various corruption scams, including Tauqir Sadiq’s case, had not been conducted properly. The commission and its terms of reference would be announced on September 2, it said.

“The investigation into Tauqir Sadiq and other cases has not been done properly. We have done our level best, but the cases are not heading towards the right direction, so we have to appoint a commission,” said Chief Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, while hearing the NAB progress report on the Ogra case.

The corruption watchdog in July submitted three lists of 179 mega scams of financial, land and misuse of authority in the court. The NAB reports showed no progress was made on the cases lying pending for the last 10 years.

The court observed the NAB was not implementing its orders in a number of cases. “NAB has not been diligently pursuing the cases of corruption,” the court observed.

NAB Prosecutor General Waqas Qadeer, however, told the court that they had conducted internal and external inquiries into the Taqueer Sadiq case by involving the Motorway Police and immigration officers. “The NAB HR director was dismissed, but now he has been repatriated,” he said.

On November 25, 2012, the apex court struck down Tauqeer Sadiq’s appointment as the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) chairman over his involvement in Rs 82 billion scam. After his dismissal, Tauqeer Sadiq fled to UAE with the alleged connivance of NAB, Motorway police and the immigration officers concerned. Under the apex court pressure, the NAB officials brought him back to Pakistan on July 9, 2013.

Justice Qazi Faez Isa asked the prosecutor general how a person disappeared from the NAB office and went abroad, adding Rs 4 million were spent to bring him back. The judge observed the NAB should recover the money from the officials who had facilitated Tauqir Sadiq to flee the country. He asked why HR Director Kausar Iqbal Malik had been repatriated.

Qadeer said the matter was investigated and the HR director’s involvement was not established. The court asked the NAB prosecutor general whether he was satisfied with the report on Tauqir Sadiq. Waqas said: “There is no need of another inquiry.” Justice Qazi said the court was seeking the prosecutor general’s opinion on the inquiry report, but he was supporting the report. The PG said the inquiry report had been signed with the remarks, “No further action” (NFA). When questioned who had signed it, Waqas stated that under Section 31-B of the NAB Ordinance, it had been signed by former chairman Fasih Bukhari.

Justice Jawwad said, “It’s the biggest corruption of the anti-graft body while the report is not more than eyewash.” He asked Additional Attorney General Khawaja Ahmed Hassan whether the FIA had jurisdiction in this case. Khawaja Ahmed Hassan cited many cases in which the investigation was transferred from one agency to another. He said in the cases of Steel Mills, Arsalan Iftikhar and National Insurance Company Limited, the investigation was taken from FIA and given to NAB. The hearing was adjourned until September 2.