I congratulate all Pakistanis for our cricket team’s victory at the Oval in the fourth and final test match of the four matches series against England. This victory could not have come at a better time. It came on the evening of August 14, 2016 when we were celebrating the 69th birthday of our beloved country.

The Pakistani nation is resilient and never loses hope. This victory is a lesson to the doom-and-gloom merchants who are pessimistic about the future of Pakistan’s cricket whenever our team hits a bad patch. Similarly, when we as a country face some adverse situation, they write us off as a country. But we always come back strong. I would like to point out that Pakistan’s cricket team represents all of Pakistan and I believe as a nation we have resilience and fighting spirit in our character. Like all other countries in the world, we too have problems, but Inshallah we shall overcome the problems because we have the potential to do so. We must believe in ourselves and we shall see a much better Pakistan in the future which will be stronger in defence, economy, sports, education, health and all other departments.


Lahore, August 15.