Akbar S Babar, former member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), in a recent interview has said that Imran Khan’s only aim is to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. It does not matter through what means, and it certainly does not matter that the initial manifesto of the party is violated in the process. Babar, who left the party back in 2011, says that he was kicked out because he pointed out the internal corruption of the party, its illegal foreign funding, and the involvement of Imran Khan in two major real estate scandals – Talhaar Housing Society and Banigala Housing Society.

Babar was a founding member of PTI and a supporter of the initial manifesto of change, was a very close aide of Imran Khan up until the point that he started being critical of his decisions and the acceptance of electables in the party. Several members have as a result, left the party because the internal politics were no longer different than what is actually practiced by other parties in Pakistan.

PTI was given the credit of changing the political landscape of Pakistan. Emerging as a non-establishment party, with the promise of change; several people joined the bandwagon in the hopes of seeing a new face of Pakistan. Formally gaining momentum in the elections of 2013, the party not only managed to secure seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) but also motivated the apolitical masses of the country.

However, a lot has changed since the time the government formally started running. One such change that is often neglected is the evolution of PTI into a very opportunist party, focusing merely on the winning of seats, and letting go of those die-hard PTI members who were the founders of the party. Not only were the sit-ins a huge setback, several former members are coming forward and pointing out the discrepancies in the party.

The PTI cannot label everyone a madman or a traitor for criticising them. The party has never learnt to apply standards to itself that it holds all others to. “Go Nawaz Go” may well have manifested, but the PTI is no longer standing on any higher moral ground with their controversial chief’s ham-fisted politics.