LAHORE-Band Madlock of Lahore has its own unique style. Madlock in fact does not have any meaning the band members just loved how cool it sounded. This band keeps the vision to put the music forward, connect with audience and produce a lot of music nationally as well as internationally. Following are excerpts of the interview with the band members:

Madlock the rock band from Lahore was founded in 2015. What does your band name actually mean and what was the motive?

The name itself, literally, does not mean anything. I had thought that I should name the band something which doesn’t give off any sort of visual to anyone else, in their mind, before they hear the music, and I think it serves the purposepretty well. Plus, it sounds like we mean business.

What do you feel about your confidence and excitement level now?

Being a rock outfit, playing live and connecting with audiences plays a big role for us, and I think rock music certainly demands a big stage for it to showcase how amazing and powerful the experience itself can be, hence everything is really, really exciting.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Call, Noori, Entity Paradigm, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Kings Of Leon, Puddle Of Mudd, Seether, Alice In Chains and countless others. For their genuineness in the art that they’ve put out, and how transparent and honest their expression is on their records.

After the audition at Battle of the Bands, where do you see yourselves in the competition of six top bands?

To be very honest, we can’t say, we might be the next ones to be eliminated, haha, or we might make it through a bit further. We never had any expectations, it was all for the music, and still is. The main goal here is to put the music forward, be ourselves, and just enjoy on stage, and hopefully, along the way, grab the attention of a lot of other people who also like the sort of music we love to play.

What exactly is the process of your practice – exercises, new tunes, hard tunes, etc?

It’s different for every member on an individual level, for example, for Awais, since he’s a bass player, he, in his own words has said that he requires a lot of finger strength to play his instrument, as any bassist would. Hence he usually spends a couple of hours each day with his bass starting off with songs he’s learnt listening to his favourite bands and he gradually moves onto improvising something over a backing track or a simple rhythm he has in mind. As a band, I usually keep track of what everyone is doing, including myself, so sometimes it’s getting used to playing a difficult rhythm while singing, and other times it’s making sure my warm up routine for my voice has been taken care of before singing so that I’m not moving in and out of pitch or straining.

Do you have any musical experience in neighboring countries?

No, not yet actually, but would love to connect with audiences across the border in India and would love to play in Dubai as well. I love the idea of playing outside your own country, it serves an important purpose. 

What goals do you hope to achieve in coming future?

Connect with more audiences, play live a lot more, and put a lot of music out, hopefully music that is appealing to people while still being a strong representation of our own sound.