LAHORE - Medical experts have advised people to avoid excessive consumption of meat and spicy food on Eid days to save themselves from serious health hazards like gastro and diarrhea. They advised extra care for people suffering from chronic ailments like high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol level to avoid further complications.

Experts suggest healthy people to eat meat in moderate quantity and those suffering from chronic ailments eat only a little quantity. “Best way to avoid health hazards is following the teachings of Islam. We should follow the true philosophy of sacrifice and distribute meat among deserving people. We should consume moderate quantity of food to keep ourselves healthy for enjoying festivities of Eid”, said leading family physician Dr Abdul Rauf, adding, that excessive meat consumption could cause problems even for healthy people. He warned that those not taking precautions could fell prey to gastro, diarrhea and other complications.

He said the chronic patients of hepatitis B and C could eat only up to 40 grams of meat in a day.