EidulAzha is celebrated by the Muslim community in all over the world on 10thZilhaj to commemorate the efforts of Prophet Abraham and his family, Prophet Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son on Allah’s order.That is why Muslims traditionally sacrifice the sheep, goat, cow and camel; they distribute the meat among relatives, neighbours and needy people. This is one of the two major events celebrated by Muslim community. The Eid festival date varies with the sighting of moon, and one country may have a different date than other.

Overseas Muslims travel back to their home country to celebrate the Eid with their families. More than 1.6 billion Muslims across the globe are celebrating the Eid this year.

Festival is celebrated with traditional fervor. The celebrations follow the same pattern in every country and society, since it’s customary to wear new clothes; girls, boys, kids everyone follow the cultural values and wear the clothes according to their culture. Girls also like to wear bangles, jhumkas and apply mehndi on their hands. Day begins with the morning Eid prayer. It is held in the mosques and big grounds called Eidgaah. It is obligatory for Muslim men and women to perform the Eid prayer. Prior to Eid prayer there is a khutba and it is necessary for everyone to listen to it, where the importance of sacrificing the animal and Eid is highlighted and they ask Allah for his blessings and request him to accept qurbani.

After the prayer the greetings are exchanged among friends and family members.