ISLAMABAD - Renowned cricket organiser Chaudhry Ajmal Sabir has urged the new Prime Minister and PCB Patron Imran Khan to appoint adhoc chairmen at PCB regions and hold fresh and transparent elections to end ‘drawing room politics’.

Talking to The Nation, Ajmal, who is Bhutto Cricket Academy chairman and also OGDCL Sports Board vice president, and a highly active figure when it comes to sports in twin cities, said: “I demand PM Imran Khan to look into sorry affairs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi Regions and provide justice to long suffering players of the twin cities.

“It was decided by the PCB that the players, who perform well in the Fazal Mehmood and Senior District Cricket, would be picked for Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, but nothing in practical was done due to one-man show of Islamabad Region president Shakil Shaikh,” he added.

He said his son Ali Imran is occupying top position and scored over 1000 runs and also taking loads of wickets, but he was never given the opportunity to showcase his talent in Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. “I want to bring into the kind notice of the PM to check the status of so-called Islamabad Cricket Association (ICA), how and when it was formed, who voted and how Nasir Iqbal became president. I also want to know if Shakil took stay order from honourable court, then how he replaced secretary Dilawar Hussian and appointed his relative M Rehan Chishti,” he questioned.

Ajmal also lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to bring revolutionary changes in Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and nominating seasoned Ehsan Mani as next PCB chairman. “Ever since Imran took over as Prime Minister, the ray of hope is at its level best, as cricketers, who were long deprived of their due rights by one-man show in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, now they are brimming with fresh confidence and optimistic about their future, which was completely dark in recent past.”

He said that he is running Bhutto Cricket Academy for last two years and providing everything to the players free of cost. “I want to give maximum chances to every kid so that they may exhibit their prowess at higher level and win glories for the country.”

“I request Imran Khan to check the affairs of the regions and without wasting time, like he replaced PCB chairman, he must also replace all the regional heads, appoint ad-hoc and after scrutiny, conduct free, fair and impartial regional elections. I am long associated with the PCB and I have revolutionary plans for the betterment of Pakistan cricket. If given role in any capacity, I will bring revolutionary changes and take Pakistan cricket to new heights,” Ajmal concluded.