LAHORE - A six-member delegation of British and Japanese police officers on Wednesday visited the headquarters of the Punjab Safe City Authority to secure first-hand insight of the faculty.  A police spokesman said Chief Operating Officer Akbar Nasir Khan briefed the delegation about various arms and functions of the project. The delegation also visited IC3 sections dealing in Rescue-15 Operations, Police Dispatch Unit, Video Control Unit, Media Monitoring Unit, and the PSCA insignia Cam-surveillance Operations Management Center.  On this occasion, one of the members of the visiting delegation said, “It is really commendable that state of the art and latest equipment of international standards is being installed in the city for its security, surveillance and seamless monitoring round the clock.”  Another member said, “This will instill sense of security amongst the investors and the business community and thus, with it, will win ample investment boosting the economy of this very region.”