PR Islamabad - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged the government to move International Criminal Court against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his crimes against humanity in occupied Kashmir.  In a meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit-Baltistan held here yesterday in the Parliament House, which he attended as a member, Malik said government should have adopted preemptive policy prior to Indian move of revoking Articles 370 & 35-A. He said during election campaign Narendra Modi had promised that he will scrap special status of Jammu and Kashmir once he is re-elected. He said, keeping in view statements of Narendra Modi; the government should have devised a preemptive diplomatic strategy well in time that could have averted revoking of Article 370 & 35-A. He said that now despite lapse of 16 days of revoking of Article 370 & 35-A by India, the government of Pakistan neither could internationally pressurize India to restore special status of Kashmir nor could press her to lift curfew in the area.

Senator Malik said that he was astonished that government was celebrating UNSC’s closed-door consultations on Kashmir as a victory, adding that nothing came out of the UNSC’s meeting as India had not been asked to restore special status of held Kashmir. He said the world knew that Kashmir was disputed area since day first and it was one of the international known disputed subjects. He advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to highlight before the world, the worst kind of human rights violations in occupied valley by Indian forces. He said he predicts today that India will be replicating Pulwama-like incident to blame Pakistan for it to divert world’s attention from the human rights violations being inflicting by Indian Forces under PM Modi’s command.  Senator Malik said he already exposed on 5th February, while addressing a conference on Kashmir Day and in his book ‘Daesh a Rising Monster Worldwide’, the nexus between BJP and RSS to convert the Muslim majority into minority through brutalities like mass murdering, mass blinding through pelleting, rapes, enforced disappearance, torture, political repression etc.


 He said India had already planned to weed out Muslims from their native land and property through village defence committees.

Senator Malik expressed that people of Pakistan and particularly the oppressed Kashmiris were looking forward for some relief in terms of restoration of special status, lifting of complete lockdown, deployment of UN peacekeeping missions. “We were also expecting that UNSC will be announcing a date for plebiscite in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK).