India claims that it is a secular country and people living in India belonging to different religions have rights to practice their religion but in reality, this is not the case. It is reported that during the prevailing year almost 44 Muslim have been assassinated owing to eating meat while recently a 15-years old Muslim boy was set on fire when he refused to chant “Jay Shri Ram”. Is this the liberty Muslims have in India? The matter of grave concern is the world’s silence over lynching in India. UNO and human rights organizations are sleeping.

Muslims of India should act on the basis of self-help and avoid eating cow’s meat and should instead go for alternatives like mutton, fish and chicken, etc as Hindu consider cows sacred and our religion also teaches us not to tease anyone. On the other hand, Modi government should rein the activists of BJP not to force any Muslim to chant any slogan of Hinduism as it is against the social as well as any religion’s norms.