MANSEHRA          -      Twenty shops and a house were burnt down when an inferno broke out due to electric short-circuiting in Battal area in the small hours of Friday.

Amir Khadam, the Rescue 1122 spokesman, told media that the fire erupted due to short-circuiting at one of the damaged shops and it suddenly engulfed 19 other shops and a house too.

The flames were doused after four hours of hectic efforts.

However, there was no loss of life or injuries as fire tenders from Mansehra, Baffa-Pakhal tehsils and neighbouring Battagram district reached the venue and extinguished the fire.

He said that shops of various commodities, groceries, general stores and a house owned by two brothers, Waris Khan and Nawaz Khan, were completely burnt down, inflicting huge financial losses on the businesses community.