KARACHI-Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Friday said PSP card and not Sindh or Mohajir card would work from now on.

Addressing a massive public rally here outside the Karachi Press Club amid heavy rainfall, Kamal said PSP would neither allow the division of Sindh nor that of Karachi in the name of creation of a new district. The rally was held to reject the decision of the Sindh government to create a new district in the provincial capital. “Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is trying to occupy Karachi. Let me assure all of you that we will take away Sindh government from the party too,” Kamal threatened.

“The PPP is fanning ethnicity in the province for prolonging its rule. We will thwart every attempt by the PPP and MQM-P, aimed at creating rift between the Sindhis and Muhajirs for their political gains,” former Karachi mayor said emphatically.

“Without Karachi, PPP’s Sindh card is incomplete, so efforts are being made to occupy the metropolis. PPP’s provincial government always takes decisions on ethnic grounds,” PSP chairman said, and added, “After the census, when another National Assembly seat was added to the city, it was given to District West despite the fact that District Central was the largest in terms of population.” Moreover, Kamal added, the Sindh government instead of increasing the number of seats in District Central of the city, reduced them further from five to four, since Urdu speaking people here were in majority.

“A candidate in District Central becomes an MPA with 260,000 votes, while a candidate with 56,000 votes becomes an MPA in PS99,” PSP chairman said, and added, “We do not find such a big discrepancy in the method of electing the representatives from the same city anywhere else in the world.”

He deplored that after decision by the PPP-led Sindh government to create a new district, MQM-P leaders, who can’t even take control of a sewerage line started raising slogan of a separate province. “This is exactly what the PPP needs to flourish since it tells our Sindhi brethren that people of Karachi want to divide the province,” Kamal said.