COVID-19 has paralyzed the lives of people across the globe and confined them inside homes. Public gatherings were banned all over the world. The worst economic recession has been observed in the history of the world, especially in third world countries. People are compelled to live their lives below the poverty line owing to unemployment.

Moreover, in this scenario people belonging to different religions have also been unable to carry out their religious practises. For instance, the Sikh community from all over the world, especially from India, could not come to Pakistan to commemorate the birth anniversary of their guru Nanak who is supposed to be the founder of Sikhism. Similarly, Muslims across the globe could not proceed to Saudia Arabia to perform annual Hajj.

These are certainly trying and testing times. Although Muslims and several other religious groups have been restricted from carrying out their religious practises, they should keep their faith firm. The presence of the pandemic should serve to strengthen their resolve and they should look towards the future for better times.