LAHORE - Former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association and chairman National Coordination Council on lawyers' movement Ch Aitzaz Ahsan has finally parted ways with Hamid Khan as far as upcoming election of Lahore Bar Association is concerned, as he has fielded his own candidate, Tariq Javed Chaudhry, to contest for presidential slot against Hamid Khan's backed candidate Rana Ziaur Rehman. Aitzaz started campaigning for Tariq Javed on Saturday as he visited Awan-e-Adl to convince voters. On the occasion, a large number of lawyers rendered their support for Aitzaz's backed candidate. The move, the independent observers say, would make the tough contest even for tougher and the involvement of Aitzaz could turn the table on Hamid Khan this time who is already facing opposition within his Professional Group over the nomination of Justice (r) MA Shahid Siddqiui as a candidate for president seat of LHC Bar Association. The aspirants inside the group are of the strong view that they contributed a lot for lawyers' movement but when the time came to get reward of their services, an 'outsider' has been benefited. The observers have also cited the example of recent SCBA's election where Aitzaz's relentless efforts made it an easy win in the end what was considered a tough contest at the start. They also say the impression needs to be dispelled that the lawyers' movement is only spearheaded by Professional Group or its leadership as thousand of lawyers who are not supporter of Hamid Khan's group but wholeheartedly back the movement and participate in it and Aitzaz is one of them. He is not the member of Professional Group but he always supported Professional Group's candidate without any hesitation. The insiders however say that there is no differences between both leaders, as they are united on the point that in any case the lawyers' movement would continue and would be intensified. On Saturday Aitzaz visited Awan-e-Adl, the hub of election activities, and wooed the voters to vote Tariq Javed. Other prominent leaders like Abid Hassan Minto, Mian Irsrarul Haq, Hakam Qureshi and large number of lawyers were also present on the occasion. Aitzaz and Hamid Khan both are undoubtedly the big wigs of lawyers and driving force behind lawyers' ongoing movement for restoration of deposed judges. Both had numerous deliberations to put a consensus candidate for the LBA election but the deadlock could be broken as none of them was ready to withdraw his candidate, insiders of the group said. Hamid Khan usually fields candidate every year and campaigns for his candidate but this is for a very first time that Aitzaz has fielded his own candidate. The involvement of both these leaders in election campaign would make the contest more interesting as they both have the ability to woo the voters. Addressing the lawyers during his visit, Aitzaz said Tariq Javed has fully supported lawyers' movement and suffered the hardships of detention when he was arrested on November 5 last year in a crackdown on lawyers' in the wake of emergency and PCO promulgated by former dictator Pervez Musharraf. Aitzaz said Tariq had wholeheartedly supported Ali Ahmed Kurd in SCAB election and his win would take the lawyers' movement to new heights.