Some unpromising political developments are taking place in Punjab and that too at regular intervals now, posing a serious question mark over the survival of the beleaguered alliance between the PPP and PML (N). The PML (N) leadership and PPP's Governor Salman Taseer are at warpath, as if engaged in the final do or die battle with no intention of making compromises that are crucial to sustain their coalition for a longer period. As such we can see a lot of actions and reactions in the province. More recently, Punjab's acting Governor Rana Iqbal on the orders from PML (N) leadership administered oath to Ombudsman when Taseer was away from the scene. The Governor previously against the requests of the provincial government was not prepared to administer oath to a PML (N)'s nominee for the office of Ombudsman. As such the controversial oath landed as a bombshell in the PPP circles. For even independent political circles it was too much, viewed as an extreme step. The Governor after a gap of a few days left for Dubai. This time he got Chief Justice Lahore appointed as Acting Governor, settling scores with the PML (N) leadership. The appointment of Chief Justice as acting Governor sparked severe reaction in PML (N). Even it was intolerable for Nawaz Sharif who asked President Zardari to check his Governor. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif separately lodged his protest with the Prime Minister who was in the city by chance. It seemed as if both parties were once again face to face. Nawaz Sharif after a brief lull came in the open and made a couple of startling disclosures. First, he claimed that he was offered a deal by someone to keep mum over the issue of Farah Doger, stop pressing for the resignation of Chief Justice of Pakistan and in quid pro quo he will get relief from the apex court. Nawaz did not name the person who proposed this deal but vowed to continue campaigning against the Chief Justice. The government, however feeling the heat of Nawaz Sharif's revelation, was quick to clarify its position. The same day supporters of Chief Justice distributed copies of news item published in a newspaper in Islamabad, showing how Marriam Nawaz, daughter of Nawaz Sharif got admission in the Army Medical College in 1991 when Nawaz Sharif was Prime Minister and how she was migrated to a premier medical college of Punjab, King Edward Medical College just one month after the admission, in gross violation of migration policy then. The resurfacing of Marriam Nawaz's issue made a serious dent in otherwise sound defences of the PML (N) leadership, pressing all along the resignation of Chief Justice for his alleged role in getting his daughter's marks increased to enable her to get admission in the medical college. The critics of Nawaz Sharif now claim that if Chief Justice used his influence to get the marks of his daughter increased, Nawaz too used his influence to secure his daughter's admission in the medical college and then migrating her to KEMC even when her marks were too low. The PML (N) side believed that digging out of the Marriam issue was the handy-work of the government. In another statement which he issued next day, Nawaz declared Pakistan a failing state. He underlined the need to 'put our own house in order first'. His statement which he made in his interview to a local TV channel is making rounds in political circles these days as it came at a time when everybody in the country is talking about national unity and solidarity as the way forward to respond to the external threats. Again, the political leadership found his statement a bit uncalled for especially when it came from a coalition partner, running the affairs of half of the country. The brinkmanship on both sides, with PML (N) more critical of the government these days as if losing patience with the PPP, has led the people to ask questions again about the future and fate of the alliance between the two main parties in the country. Some political circles expect important development next month, which they claim would determine the future of this alliance. However more knowledgeable politicians think that PML (N) top leadership lacks the guts to part ways with the PPP at this time especially as it amounts to losing government in the Punjab. They say the alliance will continue to drag on in the same fashion. E-mail: