Youth is the yarn a nation uses to weave its future. The expectations are always focused on the young as the nation-builders of the future. Pakistan is a country of intelligent, hardworking people that need appropriate guideline. No one is a genius by birth; it is work in the right direction and proper encouragement that makes people shine for their country. It is the duty of educational institutions to nurture their students properly and steer them to careers of value. Sorry to say, our educational institutions are not doing that because they are stricken by the malaises of professional jealously, politics and favouritism. Some students are favourites of the teachers and prosper in their attention; others remain deprived of their attention and discouraged in their pursuit of excellence. Sometimes teacher do involve students in their own politics and end up destroying a precious resource. Many intelligent students have been victims of such petty rivalries. It is the duty of every institution to foster an environment of encouragement for its students so that they blossom out in the society and are a source of pride for their Alma mator. -MARIA ILYAS KHAN BALOCH, Lahore, December 4.