NEW DELHI/KOLKATA (Agencies) - Taking a tough stance, Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday said Pakistan had been given enough evidence regarding the Mumbai terror attacks and "Islamabad must act". Speaking in New Delhi, Pranab Mukherjee said that the option of unilateral attack against Pakistan was open. Pakistan must cooperate with India and "it should not contradict us". The Indian Minister warned Pakistan not to test India's patience and deliver on promises it has made. Bitterly criticising Pakistan, Pranab Mukherjee asked Pakistan to give up the policy of denial, take tangible actions and hand over all those responsible for the Mumbai attacks. On India's vision for a developed and prosperous South Asia, he said that New Delhi sought to promote an environment of peace and stability in the Saarc region and the world for accelerated socio-economic development and national security. Addressing a seminar at the Bengal Chamber of Commerce in Kolkata, Indian Minister Pranab Mukherjee said, "Pakistan should deliver results. Words must be followed by action." "Pakistan has been contradicting its statements. Enough evidence has been given to Pakistan. Pakistan must cooperate and not contradict us. Mere talk is not enough. Pakistan has to act," Mukherjee said. He further said that India had given to Pakistan evidence regarding the involvement of terrorists in that country "not once, not twice, not thrice but on 10 occasions". "We have the evidences, including interceptions and cracking of satellite codes. The captured living terrorist (Amir Ajmal Kasab) gave the chilling account of what transpired between him and the controller from that side. They were monitoring Indian television. We have this type of information," he said. "Please pursue those evidence and take action as per your (Pakistani) law," he said. He said, "So we want that you (Pakistan) keep the commitments given, one by former president Pervez Musharraf and the other by the current President (Asif Ali) Zardari that Pakistan territory will not be allowed to be used by the terrorists. Keep that commitment." He termed as 'not really convincing' the arguments put forth by Pakistani leaders that their country's soil was not being used for "subversive activities against India". On President Asif Ali Zardari's comment that the Mumbai terrorists were "non-state actors", Mukherjee said: "Non-state actors do not come from heaven or some other planet. They operate from somewhere. Their government has to take care about it." Mukherjee said India could not be expected to chase "non-state actors" operating on foreign soil. "I have never used the word Pakistan government but I have deliberately used the word that some elements in Pakistan. Evidence clearly indicates (their involvement)," the Minister said. He also demanded that Pakistan arrest and hand over what he called terrorists sought by India for interrogation. "We want them to cooperate... There are some fugitives who are Indian citizens but have taken shelter in Pakistan. They should be handed over to India", he said and added, "Again, there are some Pakistani citizens who are involved in terrorist activities targeting India, they are also needed to be arrested and handed over to India for interrogation." Mukherjee then punched holes in Pakistan's stand on the Mumbai savagery. "First, the Pakistani defence minister said that Masood Azhar has been put under house arrest. Then they said he is not visible. If he is not visible, how was he arrested?" Mukherjee asked how it could be stated by Pakistan's permanent representative in UN Security Council that action will be taken against Azhar if he was not there in Pakistan. Referring to the confessions of Muhammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, the only terrorist arrested during the Mumbai attacks, Mukherjee said: "He has provided details of what transpired between them and their controllers on the other side (of the border)." He demanded that Pakistan pursue the evidences and take action against terrorists as per their country's law and stop use of their soil for subversive activities against India. Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said that there was a sinister design to link Islam with terrorism. "There are some scholars who had coined the term Islamic terrorism. Islam is a religion of love and compassion. There is a sinister ploy to link terrorism with Islam," the Minister said here at a seminar organised by a city-based trade body. "There may be some socio-economic indicators which may lead to some frustration among some Muslim youths who had gone astray. "These are exceptions," he said. He described terrorists as the "biggest violators of human rights having no religion or boundary". The Minister also strongly endorsed the view of founder president of the trade body Feroze Ali that India was not a "soft state" and was determined to fight the menace of terrorism. Meanwhile, warning Pakistan against taking India's 'wish for peace' as a weakness, Indian Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi on Sunday said the country was capable of giving a 'befitting reply' to those using their soil for abetting and promoting terrorism against it. "Our wish for peace and friendship should not be taken as a sign of weakness," Gandhi told an election rally in Jammu on Sunday and voiced disappointment over Pakistan's failure to reciprocate India's efforts for better ties. "While we have tried to build friendly relations with the neighbouring country, I want to make it clear that we are capable of giving a befitting reply to those who are using their soil for promotion and abetment of terrorism against our country," she said. India wanted peaceful and friendly relations with our neighbouring country in the same way it wants peace and tranquillity within the country, she said. "We have tried to build friendly relations but it is a matter of regret that they have not understood our feelings," said Gandhi. Sonia said her country was capable of giving a 'befitting reply' to those using Pakistan soil for abetting and promoting terrorism against it.