Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani's statement in NA that he did not accept the demand of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown for investigation of alleged terrorists by his country is commendable. Let's hope that at least for now, the government will stick to its principled stand on this matter. Is the U.K. India's prosecution department? If it has any solid proofs, India should provide them to our country directly instead doing so through every Tom, Dick & Harry. These countries are actually conspiring to destabilize Pakistan for the sake of their own ulterior motives; our nuclear technology irks them no end. They are not only interfering in our internal affairs but also challenging our sovereignty. We have every right to tell U.K. to mind its own business. U.K. is acting more loyal than the king himself by speaking on behalf of its master, the U.S. If Mr Brown is so sincere, why doesn't he ask India to hand over the alleged terrorist, Aamir Ajmal, to some independent country for an independent judicial probe? Justice is unlikely to be served in the Indian courts because they are even preventing Indian lawyers from defending him. -ENAAM E. HANID, Houston, USA, via e-mail, December 16.