The only good thing that ever happened to this hapless country is our free media. This is probably the only silver lining on our dark horizon. Farah Hameed Dogar, daughter of the top judge of this country, has blamed the media for "fanning her F.Sc marks case so out of proportion". A lot has been said and written about her case on the electronic and print media so I would refrain from taking the discussion any further on this. But her comments about the 'adverse role' of our media are absolutely unfair. It has been a general practice in Pakistan that all and sundry try to take the credit for the media freedom but whenever media criticizes their policies, these self-proclaimed champions of press freedom rush to impose a ban on it. Former President Pervez Musharraf is the most recent case in point. Should not the CJP and the Chairman Federal Board have both resigned immediately after the sensational disclosure about their indiscretions and paved the way for a fair judicial inquiry? Why do we always leave every issue to divine justice? About the claim by Ms. Dogar that she had a 'brilliant educational career marred by the media', her 640 marks in F.Sc speak louder than her words. They do not qualify her to even think of getting admitted to a medical college unless, of course, merit is not observed. -A DOCTOR, Lahore, via e-mail, December 16.