WASHINGTON - U.S. Vice President-elect Joseph Biden said on Sunday the Afghanistan-Pakistan situation would of "immediate concern" to the incoming Barack Obama administration. "(I) think what is clear from the outset here is that we have a situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan that is urgent. It implicates India. It also implicates a whole lot of other very complicated issues," he told ABC's This Week news programme. "And so, first and foremost, I think, if we want to talk about immediacy, I think that the Afghanistan, Pakistan track is a very immediate concern," he added. Biden said he has been asked by President-elect Obama to work with the national security team in order to assess the circumstance the new administration is inheriting in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. "I've been asked by the president and I've been meeting separately and collectively with the foreign policy team. That is the national security adviser, the secretary of state, the secretary of defence. "One of my tasks, responsibilities is to work with that group to come up with a baseline for the president as to what we view the circumstance we're inheriting in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan," he stated.