KARACHI - Mystery shrouds the payment of Rs 50 billion worth arrears by KESC to WAPDA, The Nation learnt on Sunday. The KESC has disowned the payment of Rs50 billion arrears to WAPDA saying that the amount would be adjusted by the federal government. The KESC authorities added the company owed only Rs 25 billion to WAPDA but a senior WAPDA official said that the arrears towards KESC stand at Rs 75 billion. According to DG PEPCO, Tahir Basharat Cheema, KESC is supposed to make payment of Rs. 75 billion to WAPDA but the company has contested this amount of arrears. "There must be some confusion about KESC's claim that they have to pay Rs. 25 billion to WAPDA. On our record, we have the receivable amount of Rs.75 billion from the company," said Cheema. "On our request, the federal government has formed a committee that looked into this matter and negotiated with the new management of KESC the payment of arrears. They have now agreed to reschedule the procedure of payment of their outstanding dues. Till now the company has paid Rs.2 billion to the WAPDA, he added. "All we know is that the KESC has to pay Rs. 75 billion to Wapda. If they have given any payment plan to the government, WAPDA is unaware of it. We will then expect the government to pay the KESC dues. If the matter is settled between government and KESC, WAPDA would be satisfied on this progress," he further added. It is worth mentioning here that the new management has taken over the company after getting the assurance from the government about writing off of the previous liabilities on the KESC, The Nation learnt from sources. The KESC has not paid to Wapda from October 2007 and the non-payment has piled up this huge amount in KESC account. "We disconnected the electricity supply to the KESC in April 2008 due to non-payment of huge amount of arrears, but the government intervened in this matter and we restored electricity. WAPDA is still supplying 600 to 800 MWs to the KESC in spite of the fact that we are facing huge power crisis in the country with short fall in power generation ranging from 2000 to 3000 MWs," he added. It is also pertinent to mention here that the tariffs of KESC are still disputed. The company was charged on marginal rates previously, now the ex-WAPDA price is still need to be decided by the government. This has created confusion about the payable amount by KESC to WAPDA. On the other hand, KESC is of the opinion that they have to pay Rs. 25 billion to Wapda. After getting the status of a power supply company, the KESC should be charged according to the rates that have been offered to rest of the other power supplying companies in the country. "The difference of marginal and non-marginal should be eliminated. We do not accept the liability of Rs.75 billion because of that difference," said a source.