India's veteran politician Lal Karishna Advani had advised the Manmohan government not to go to the UNSC and instead resolve the matter through peaceful, diplomatic means. This, he said, shall open the Pandora's Box and India will, then, have to concede to the UNSC resolutions on Kashmir too. But New Delhi was as much in haste to exploit the opportunity as UK and US governments were to heap the blame for Mumbai mayhem on Pakistan. Even India was surprised over the intensity with which its western friends embraced the idea. Mr. Mukherjee said the investigations were still underway and Pakistan would be handed over the information after the inquiry was complete. If the information was 'still incomplete', why did India rush to the UNSC? This one act alone is evident proof that the November 26 incident was part of an international conspiracy. It seems the Pentagon and the CIA have some very serious grouse against Pakistan Army and the ISI. The Indian government seems not quite privy to the entire nefarious plan. But the RAW is definitely collaborating with the CIA, MI6, Mossad and Afghanistan's RAAM. Traitors inside Pakistan's political leadership are involved in facilitating providing of 'proofs' against JuD, and subsequently ISI. In the words of an anchorperson of a leading Pakistani channel, "Kutti and chors are one". -ALYA ALVI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, December 16.