ISLAMABAD Foreign Office has gone into a state of silent confusion following Ajmal Kasabs recent statement that his confessional statement was recorded under pressure. Although Pakistan is closely monitoring the development on Ajmal Kasabs case that has taken a twist after his recent statement that his confessional statement was taken under pressure, however, Foreign Office is reluctant to utter any word in that regard. According to high-level official sources, authorities have been discussing the matter related to Ajmal Kasab following his denial of charges that have been levelled against him. Despite trying for several times, the FO spokesman was not available for comments. Ajmal Kasab, currently under trial in a Mumbai court in connection with 26/11 terror attacks, told the court four days back on Friday that his confessional statement was taken under pressure. The case of Ajmal Kasab took a twist last week on Friday when he accused the Indian law enforcement agencies of getting his confessional statement by force. It is pertinent to note that Ajmal Kasab on Monday denied killing of police officers Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salasakar on the night of 26/11, claiming he was not present at the site. There is no question of my shooting at them as I was not present at the site, he told the Indian special court during the trial. Kasab said that he was not present at CST, Cama Hospital or Girgaum Chowpati (where he was nabbed by police) during Mumbai attack, because he was already in police custody when the terror attack took place. After the attack, he was taken out by Crime Branch officers in a police vehicle, and was shown the site, he said. They are police; they need an accused; so they framed me up, he alleged. When the court asked him how he received a bullet injury on his hand, Kasab alleged that when he was in custody, police gave him local anesthesia in his hands, and shot him. Activists of different Human Rights NGOs have been mounting pressure on higher authorities of the government to use its influence to ensure free and fair trial of the accused of 26/11-terror attack, Ajmal Kasab. Shocked and grieved by the recent statement given by Ajmal that he was pressurised to utter confessional statement, these NGOs have urged the government to protest against Indian government against harsh attitude towards the accused. Since much is likely to get a change following Kasabs retreat from confession, however, silence on part of the government regarding the issue has exposed its weakness, many think. Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had handed over Mumbai incident dossier to Pakistan last month that the authorities (according to official sources) found insufficient once again. However, this was not confirmed officially as the Foreign Office said it was early to comment on the contents of fresh dossier. Silence on part of the government over Kasab issue is haunting many minds who might think the government was shy to take a bold stance.