ISLAMABAD - The unannounced gas loadshedding in the country has put the CNG-run transport in troubled waters as well as taking toll on industry and other business activities, not to mention the hardships faced by domestic users. The gas shortage has forced a number of industrial units to close down while delay in fulfillment of export consignments has become a matter of routine due to less supply and low pressure of natural gas. Moreover, it has been reported that in small cities and towns of the country, the commodity continues to disappear for hours without prior intimation, thus badly affecting the domestic users as well as the public and private transport running on CNG. Meanwhile the government has already announced Gas Load Management Plan under which gas supply to the industries and CNG stations would be halted for tow days a week but the plan is looking ineffective. Sources told TheNation it was decided under the Gas Load Management Plan that there would be two-day load-shedding in a week for the textile industry, however the days have now been enhanced up to four days a week which is totally unjust with the industries. In the present situation when there is six to eight hour power loadshedding, gas shortage is hampering the growth of industries, which would affect the growth of overall exports of the country. Former President Pakistan Federation of Commerce and Industry told that the economic condition of the country had suffered a lot due to various crises and the growth rate was witnessing a downward trend. Such circumstances would definitely increase the ratio of unemployment, which is the main cause of terrorism and extremism in the region. The government should ensure gas and power supply to industries on priority basis. Similarly, domestic consumers throughout the country are also facing problems due to the long hours gas loadshedding and thy forced to use woods for cooking food and for other uses. On the other hand, All Pakistan CNG Association called an emergency meeting on Wednesday to finalize the strategy regarding expected rise in environment-friendly fuel from January 1. According to the sources, the association in the upcoming meeting would make future strategy for the Gas Load Management Plan and expected hike in CNG prices. The association would discuss different options with its members. While the government on the other hand is actively considering this option to increase the prices of CNG by Rs8 per kg from the start of New Year 2010 in order to reduce its demand. The government is also trying to increase the demand of petrol as after hike in CNG prices, gap between two fuels (petrol and CNG) would minimize and people would go to use petrol. Sources further told that CNG association had two options either to call for countrywide strike for indefinite time or to go to Supreme Court to find justice as presently on side CNG sector is facing two holydays a week and now expectedly increase in its prices.