KARACHI - Trade and business between Pakistan and France will increase, as it was hoped by both heads of trade delegations that met the other day at KCCI. Business community of Pakistan and their French counterparts, should maintain effective liaison to explore their businesses prospects while enhancing bilateral relationship with French and European Union business entities, expressed by President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Abdul Majid Haji Muhammad, in his address to Francis Widmer, French Commercial Counsellor, during his visit at KCCI. Earlier, Abdul Majid welcomed the French Commercial Counsellor and on his behalf and on behalf of office-bearers and member of Managing Committee of KCCI expressed gratitude and compliments for his valued services to the Pakistan-based business community. He informed the French Commercial Counsellor about the role of KCCI towards promotion of trade and business activities at national and international level. Abdul Majid said that, in Pakistan, we have very good business professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen who may extend their services for building of trade relations with their counterparts in France and EU and likewise. We need their support to shun the misperception about the business and living conditions in Pakistan, being unfairly propagated by some foreign media. He urged the French Commercial Counsellor to portray real picture of Pakistan in the eyes of his country and EU. Abdul Majid accentuated that few days back, KCCI had arranged Free Trade seminar which was attended by seven Consul Generals of SAARC countries, whereby all participants briefed about the potential, resources and items being traded with Pakistan. With great inputs and efforts of members, KCCI endeavoured to keep organising and convening the gathering of business professionals and potentials investors. Despite the facts that, scenario of doing business is changing day by day which compelled local businessmen to narrow or close their businesses on the grounds that Pakistan is playing major role as front line state against terrorism in the region, he added. Abdul Majid urged upon French Government to take the benefits from Pakistani talented and skill manpower producing high quality products to France and EU. He focused that to capture their share in unexplored markets, while enabling traders and industrialist, Pakistan Government should induct qualified and professional Commercial AttachTs abroad. He suggested to French Commercial Counsellors to act as middleman for enhancing trade and investment between two countries. Abdul Majid also stressed on the need of frequent exchange of trade delegations and regular exchange of trade information between the chambers of two countries. He said that Pakistan and France can enter into joint ventures in the energy, fisheries, power-generation plants, high-tech machinery and engineering sectors. Abdul Majid articulated that the exchanges of visits between Chambers of Commerce are essential for better coordination and cooperation. He stated that Pakistan is a friendly country for France and EU and both countries were maintaining better trade relations since last several decades. He suggested that to attract the attention of foreign investors to visit Pakistan and explore the business prospects, Pakistani Government should provide free-insurance to foreign businessmen visiting Pakistan and provide them adequate security. Abdul Majid sought cooperation of French Commercial Counsellors to make all out efforts to build better image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world and induce both Pakistan and other countries to enter into Preferential Trade Agreement followed by Free Trade Agreement. While ensuring best support he said that KCCI would compile a high-power trade delegation in January 2010 to visit France and EU member countries for attracting and offering new venture and markets for promotion of businesses and relations with their counterparts which would ultimately help to support and build positive image of Pakistan in the world. While speaking at the occasion, Francis Widmer, French Commercial Counsellor briefed that Pak-France Governments are working closely for bilateral trade agreements and cooperation pact is likely to be signed in January 2010. Francis Widmer emphasised on the essentiality of frequent meetings and trade delegations for transferring information of trade and investment between the two countries to increase trade and investment. He was of the view that both countries should make efforts to cement trade ties. He advised the business community to frequently visit foreign countries to build better relations with their counterparts. Commenting on visas for businessmen, he informed that visa is issued within 4-6 weeks on submission of complete documents by qualified applicants. Senior Vice President-KCCI Rasheeduddin Rashid, Vice President and Managing Committee Members Javed Ahmed Vohra also participated in the meeting. President KCCI also presented Chambers crest to French Commercial Counsellor.