ISLAMABAD President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani have decided to work in close coordination with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) for the supremacy of Parliament and to avoid becoming tool in the current vilification campaign being launched against the political elite. The sources in Pakistan Peoples Party informed TheNation that Premier Gilani also briefed President Zardari about his meeting with PML (N) President Mian Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore who was on same frequency with the PM to work for strengthening of the Parliament and avoiding indulging in the activities detrimental to the incumbent dispensation. It was further agreed between the two sides that the party leaders on both sides would be directed not to give statements against the leadership of both the parties and only the party spokespersons should give policy statements as and when required. The sources disclosed that Premier Gilani has held meeting with Mian Shahbaz Sharif on the direction of President Zardari and also conveyed him his message, containing a number of assurances regarding constitutional amendments and other matters of mutual interests of both the parties. President Zardari and Premier Gilani agreed to improve working relations with PML (N) and face the courts and not run away from accountability. But both the leaders said that they would not allow anyone to do media trial of the politicians, and, in this connection, all the political forces would be taken on board. The sources informed that keeping in view the ongoing campaign aimed at maligning the ruling elite, the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership decided to take all the major political forces into confidence and the meeting of Premier Gilani with Shahbaz was part of this strategy. The sources disclosed that both the President and the Prime Minister were of the view that the country was passing through a critical juncture and political forces should join hands in steering the country out of prevailing chaotic situation for the larger interest of the democracy and supremacy of the Parliament. Both the leaders were of the view that PPP and all its allies would not only respect the Supreme Court of Pakistan verdict on NRO but would also fully implement it, and each and every member of ruling coalition would appear before the court of law to get himself/herself cleared of what they termed the politically-motivated cases. During the meeting, President Zardari once again expressed his commitment to go about constitutional amendments at the earliest and in this connection he would exert pressure on the Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament to accomplish the task assigned to it as soon as possible. President Zardari said that the democratic government would never take any step that could prove detrimental to democracy, the sources further informed. The sources disclosed that PM Gilani informed the President that during his meeting with Shahbaz, the latter had assured him that PML(N) would work with the government for consolidation of democratic institutions and would not become party of any conspiracy to derail the system. Terming his meeting with Shahbaz constructive and positive, Premier Gilani informed the President that Punjab Chief Minister was serious in the implementation of power-sharing formula with PPP in Punjab and in this connection the due share of ministries in Punjab cabinet would be doled out to PPP at the time of cabinet expansion. Both President Zardari and Premier Gilani shared the views of Punjab Chief Minister that concrete and visible measures would be taken for the strengthening of the judicial system in the country and a flawless and autonomous mechanism of accountability system would be introduced to replace the incumbent National Accountability Bureau to bring an effective check on the corruption in the country. It was further agreed that the proposed National Accountability Commission would be empowered to review the existing corruption cases, most of which were dubbed as politically-motivated by the accused in these cases, so that they would be given fair chance to defend themselves. The Premier and the CM also discussed local bodies system. Shahbaz Sharif informed the PM that PML-N has completed its homework to appoint administrators against Nazims from January 01, 2010. The overall law and order situation in the country, with special reference to the security arrangements during Muharramul Harram, also came under discussion in the meeting of Premier with Punjab CM.