ISLAMABAD - Employees of Pakistan Post Monday protested over the unnecessary delay in release of corporate incentives and threatened to launch countrywide protest in case their demand was not fulfilled. Hundreds of poor employees of Pakistan Post have protested in front of the National Press Club and demanded of their high-ups to revert their decision of stoppage of corporate incentive. General Secretary Postal Headquarters Employees Unions (CBA) and other representatives of the union addressed the gathering. In their speech they emphasised the need for fulfillment of their genuine demands. They were of the view that government of Pakistan was going to privatise the profitable section 'Saving Bank of the Pakistan Post by giving it a new name of Post Bank. Such conspiracies against the Pakistan Post will not be tolerated anymore as quarters concerned did not take representatives of employee unions on board in such a big and important decision, they added. They said that according to a presidential order, whenever government of Pakistan would intend to privatise an organisation or change its formation then it would be the responsibility of government to take all stakeholders, including trade unions on board, but in Pakistan Post case, all such legalities were pushed aside. While all the tall claims of government, regarding 12 per cent share of employees in an organisation under Benazir Employment Stack Option Scheem and inclusion of representatives of workers in Board of Directors, yet to be implemented. They said that in the guise of democracy, dictatorial decisions have been imposed on them, adding that it was the responsibility of incumbent rulers to settle all outstanding issues of the labourers as per their manifesto. They said that privatisation of the department was not the solution of the issue.