I woke up in the middle of the night with goosebumps on my arms and the cause was not a nightmare but the change in weather. The cold breeze forced me to switch off the fan and cuddle in my blanket. My yet to be frozen brain cells answered my query that winters were approaching. I planned my day for winter preparations. Rummaged through my closet to bring forward my winter clothes and packed the summer clothes back. Sweaters were pulled out. But wait a minute; a rather absurd thought flashed across my mind. I wondered if these would still be in fashion, considering the fact that long shirts have now reached the critical stage. I imagined how I would look with a long ankle length shirt with a waist length sweater on top. I certainly dont think that would be The Fashion. That probably calls for a new winter wardrobe change. Winters have always been a blessed season to counter the summer heat for Karachites and are rather harsh for those residing in Lahore. The sights we see, though, deprived of snow, are still pleasant with the clear sky and serene sea. Islamabad, Id say is an exception, since they are privileged enough to enjoy tads of beautiful weather most of the year. Then comes the stage to plan out winter utensils candles, wood, match boxes, cold creams, dryness lotions, and not to forget heaters Lets just say I cant stand the cold particularly in the early hours. Next up comes winter food. And this definitely doesnt happen only in my house. I suggest a lot of you go to the grocery store and grab a few bottles of instant coffee or sachets of instant/ready to make soups. If you dont, then heres a piece of advice. Grab it before the stocks are out Like sugar and many other items of daily use one never knows when a commodity might become rare. Zahra Baray