Pakistans relationship with China has always been based on genuine friendship. China, has proved to be a trusted ally and a loyal advocate for Pakistans position on international level. China has been instrumental in addressing our most essential and immediate energy needs with the announcement of a civil-nuclear deal for which Pakistan had been desperately looking towards the US for a long time. The recent visit of the Chinese premier, Mr Wen Jiabao has marked another significant phase for Pakistan with the signing of various joint projects to enhance the economy of the country. The remarks however, made by Mr Wen regarding good neighbors being better than distant kin, requires focus as it holds a profound message for us if viewed closely. It is easily explained by considering the case of Turkey that had looked towards Europe with a huge obsession to get access to the markets, but was being continuously rebuffed. It was ultimately compelled to try other pastures in Iran that proved to be beneficial as Turkey now has a booming economy while that of Europe is facing serious depressions. Dr Nida Shami