ISLAMABAD - The hybrid cottonseed developed by Dr Zar Quresh, a scientist of NARC, may not be introduced in the market as some corrupt officials of the Government backed by pesticides companies are creating hurdles in its production. Reliable sources informed that some groups were working to make this miraculous invention dead before its launch, as the funds for the project were not being released by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. It has also been learnt that Cotton Research Centre officials are also against the development of this seed as they are earning millions of rupees for so many years and have done nothing yet. The developed hybrid cottonseed is actually a threat for pesticides companies though it is a great development and can save billions of dollars in terms of foreign exchange that is spent on import of pesticides and other hybrid seeds developed by foreign companies. The locally developed seed has defence system in itself and doesnt need pesticides spray to kill the insects and one more important thing is that it can be cultivated in Potohar region that earlier is not known for cotton production. At the same time, it has an advantage of producing superior quality of cotton and giving more production. The developed seed if cultivated would give two times more production in a year that earlier has never been done. There are several elements involved to fail the said development. The companies selling their cottonseed product would never want to be out of business in Pakistan. It is the luck of these companies that there are many ministries who can compromise the national interests over their personnel interests. The sources said that Pesticides companies are also working and investing where they can to kill this development. It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Zar Quresh developed t he seed along with his team in NARC and Dr Zar worked voluntarily for the country for the whole two years. It is worth mentioning here that the country imports 3 to 4 million bales of cotton every year as it mostly does not meet the cotton production target and that import consume billions of dollars of foreign exchange. Contrary to the said situation, if the said development is utilised and the hard work of Dr Zar does not get wasted, the country would be in a position to even earn billions from the export of cotton.