ISLAMABAD - Federal Government has given one-year extension to DG, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Waseem Ahmed on the recommendations of Interior Minister Rehman Malik as the minister had given him allegedly one point agenda to hush up the Pakistan Steel Mills scam, The Nation has learnt reliably. The sources in FIA disclosed that Interior Minister first raised the stature of DG (Director General) through the so-called 'anti-corruption campaign of FIA to get extension for Waseem Ahmed from the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and finally succeeded to do this. The Establishment Division had formerly issued the notification of DGs extension last week. DG had reached the age of superannuation during this month. Secretary Establishment Division, Khushnood Akhtar Lashari did not respond to the SMS (Short Message Service) of this correspondent when he was asked about the issuance of such notification. However, DG FIA himself confirmed his extension saying it happened when he was abroad on his personal visit. In addition to that, two senior officers of FIA on the condition of anonymity confirmed that DG had got extension. It is believed that FIA would give a clean chit to the main accused in Rs 22 billion Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) mega scam on the directions of DG Waseem Ahmed for which he has been given extension. The sources in the FIA disclosed that DG Waseem Ahmed, former Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Karachi had been appointed on the special choice of Interior Minister, Rehman Malik as the former two consecutive DGs of the agency had refused to succumb to the pressure of Malik while investigating the PSM scam. Earlier, Tariq Masood Khosa and Zafarullah Kahan, both former DGs of FIA had been removed form their posts without completing their tenures. A well-placed sources in the agency connected with such developments informed this scribe that once Rehman Malik had exchanged hot words with Zafarullah Khan as he was not ready to investigate the PSM scam as desired by the minister. Some days ago, when this scribe asked Waseem Ahmed if he was being given extension to hush up PSM scam, he had firmly dispelled this impression. He had said that he would not demand extension from the government and prefer to retire respectfully. About the Steel Mills case, he had tried to snub this reporter by saying that he would not succumb to any blackmailing. He had further said that he was the person who had the courage to stand against any person involved in the scam. This scribe, some days earlier, had also sent an SMS to Interior Minister, Rehman Malik asking him whether extension was being given to DG on the proposal of the Interior Ministry in reward to hush up the PSM scam. Interestingly, Rehman Malik through the message had responded, there is no such proposal at all under consideration with the ministry. But when this correspondent on Tuesday sent an SMS to Interior Minister seeking his version on the development, he did not respond. This scribe also tried to contact him through his personal cell phone but he did not respond. However, DG Waseem Ahmed again said on Tuesday while talking to this scribe that there was no connection between his extension and PSM scam. DG ,Waseem Ahmed on November 4 had startled Supreme Court (SC)of Pakistan when he had questioned the inquiry report on PSM scam already compiled by his predecessor. Suo had taken a suo motu notice on PSM scam. SC had taken the statement of DG very important and had observed that it would have serious impacts on the case. However, DG had submitted before the court that he was ready to relinquish his charge if the court had no confidence in him. Interior Minister Rehman Malik and DG Waseem Ahmed have both already admitted before the media about his meetings with Riaz Lal Jee whose daughter Sakeena Sabeen as Chief Executive Officer of Al Abbas Group is facing charges of corruption in PSM scam.