LAHORE A full bench of the Supreme Court hearing appeal of the DHA Tuesday remarked the elite class needs to change its mindset with the change of time, as now the will of the law would rule and not of the individuals. The Bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry comprising Justice Jawwad S Khwaja and Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday said no 'island or sovereign area can be allowed to be created in the name of societies and authority. At the same time no compromise can also be made on the security issue and no one can be allowed to violate rights of others on this pretext, he said. Justice Jawwad remarked elitists mindset would no more work and it must change now. In order to know what exclusive passages and public right mean, he asked DHA to take over Gwalmandi, adding the Constitution strictly restricts exploitation of the masses and the court has to enforce the constitution. The DHA had appealed against the LHC decision to retain its sovereign right on the roads, passages and other public thoroughfare within its limits. Last day the DHA counsel Maqbool Sadiq informed the court the authority could give passage to the outsiders in the adjoining Punjab Cooperative Housing Society and others but with discretionary powers as it had to cater to the security and other needs of maintaining the roads. The court held security was a matter on which no compromise could be made given the current law and order situation, however, on the ground of Article 4 of the Constitution, it will not allow anyone to rob rights of others by creating 'no go areas. The Chief Justice said it were commoners who made Pakistan and this fact needs to be understood by the elitists. Justice Jawwad said the people outside DHA were also human beings and had rights when not all living in DHA were angels. For the respondent Shahid Hamid advocate expressed willingness to set up a boundary wall and passage through the DHA roads on the basis of passes. He said street light and roads in the DHA were being maintained by Cantonment Board. On that the CJ asked the parties to sit together and find a way out acceptable to all. On being asked by the court to show any instrument, law or authority to let the DHA exclusively use roads and passages, but the counsel failed to produce any. The counsel said the DHA created through a Chief Executive Order in September 2002, is headed by Corp Commander Lahore. The court adjourned next hearing to December 24 to let the parties find an amicable settlement and to see what ground have been leveled till next date to find a way-out.