ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tuesday realised a major strategic objective of its defence capability by successfully conducting training launch of Medium Range Ballistic Missile Hatf V (Ghauri). A liquid fuel missile Ghauri can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads over a distance of 1,300 km. This was third test Pakistan has conducted during this year, which perfectly hit the target. The launch was conducted by the Strategic Missile Group of the Army Strategic Force Command on the culmination of a field training exercise that was aimed at testing the operational readiness of the Army Strategic Force. Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani along with scientists and senior military officers including Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Khalid Shameem Wyne and Director General Strategic Plans Division, Lt Gen (retd) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai witnessed the launch. After the landmark event, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani congratulated all ranks of the Army Strategic Force Command on the excellent standard achieved during training, which was duly reflected in the proficient handling of the weapon system in the field and the accuracy of the training launch. He said that Pakistan could be justifiably proud of its defence capability and the reliability of its nuclear deterrence. This capability, he added, formed the bedrock of Pakistans security policy and will continue to be enhanced. The Prime Minister said Pakistans defence capability was impregnable and countrys nuclear weapons were fully safe and secure under a multi-layered command and control authority. He said Pakistan was a responsible nation with an extremely reliable nuclear capability. We do not harbour any aggressive designs against anyone. We wish to live in peace with honour and dignity and our nuclear capability is in fact our deterrence against all forms of aggression, Prime Minister Gilani said. Let there be no doubt that Pakistans Armed Forces are highly professional, motivated and fully capable of safeguarding Pakistans security against all types of aggression. Prime Minister Gilani assured that the Pakistani nation and his government fully stand behind its armed forces and support its nuclear and missile programme. Pakistan is not only here to stay but will also grow from strength to strength in the pursuit of establishing its rightful place in the community of strong and prosperous nations. He said it was extremely heartening to witness Army Strategic Force Command troops going through the tactical exercise in realistic operational environment to the test the extremely potent strategic missile. He noted with satisfaction that such exercises were an annual training feature for all missile groups of Army Strategic Force Command and said it has come a long way since its raising in 1999, and was a matter of great pride for the nation. Gilani complimented the dedicated efforts of the scientists and engineers of KRL and NESCOM for producing and delivering the highly sophisticated and extremely accurate delivery systems which have strengthened Pakistans security. I can say on behalf of all Pakistanis that we are indeed highly appreciative of the motivated and patriotic work of our scientists and engineers. You have made the nation proud and we salute you for your outstanding work, Prime Minister Gilani said. Premier Gilani also acknowledged the central role of SPD, which, as the Secretariat of the National Command Authority, was the cementing and driving force behind all the work and was continuously striving to consolidate, strengthen and enhance the nations strategic capabilities in all dimensions.