LAHORE - PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) may support PPP at Centre if the government comes up with a clear agenda regarding the role of Like-Minded in case the former smells any danger to the federal government, says Senator Saleem Saifullah Khan, president Like-Minded Group. The senator made this revelation while talking to TheNation on Tuesday. However, he said the issue regarding support to PPP would be taken up in the upcoming meeting of Muthidda Muslim League (MML), which was expected to take place this month. It is pertinent to add that PML-F, one of the member party of MML, was part of the coalition government at Centre and in Sindh. While, the sense among the leaders of Like-Minded in partys steering committee meeting at Khursheed Kasuris residence on December 15 that there was nothing wrong in supporting PPP, as PML-F, which was one of the member party of the MML, was also part of coalition at Centre and Sindh government. He said if the PPP leadership needed the support of his faction then it should come to the leadership of Like-Minded. Senator Saleem said the prime minister only asked him to meet the later in the backdrop of JUI-Fs pull out from the government, while he didnt specify the role of Like-Minded or what kind of support the premier wanted from the Like-Minded. Replying to a question regarding the possibilities of no-trust motion, he said the chances of no-trust seem very bleak, as the remaining coalition partners of the government especially the MQM had not taken any clear stand against PPP so far and restricted themselves to mere ultimatums. He also predicted PPP could defer the RGST to avert the various growing pressures on its government. Answering another question, he said Like-Minded enjoyed the support of around 10 MNAs and seven members of the Senate. It is to be mentioned here that PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) had already challenged the position of Chaudhrys as party leaders in the court of law. Therefore, leaders of the Like-Minded were of the view the matter was already disputed and they could not be disqualified for voting in favour of PPP in case of no-trust motion till the decision of the court.