ORAKZAI AGENCY - The militants kidnapped at least 10 tribesmen after attacking a village here on Tuesday, sources said. The sources said that a group of armed militants attacked a village, kidnapped 10 persons and shifted them to unknown location. Talking to media persons, Chief of local Lashkar, Salamat Khan Orakzai, said that innocent people were being constantly targeted by the militants. He said that the Government and security forces had so far failed to provide protection to them. He said that they had formed a Lashkar on the request of the Government and security agencies but unfortunately volunteers of these Lashkars were not protected and facilitated. He said that forces had not backed the volunteers of the Lashkar, which was regrettable, adding they would be forced to shift to safer places if were not assisted by forces and the Government in future. He feared if this situation continued then there was possibility that some of the volunteers might join the militant groups. He demanded that weapons should be provided to them and the Government must extend full support to them.