Interior Minister for Sindh Dr. Zulfiqar Mirzas statement that some parties based in Sindh referring to the MQM were involved in target killing in the city was based on the intelligence reports of various intelligence agencies. There is a tendency in the country to get emotional on smallest of provocations without accessing the facts. One needs to be objective and there is urgent need to look into the intelligence reports cited by Mr Mirza and a probe carried out to ascertain whether they are correct. If correct, then no one should be spared as no one is above the law. And no one should be allowed to patronize target killers. The MQM maintains that several groups are responsible for violence in the city. But MI and ISI reports are solid evidence to validateDr. Mirzas statements. And these intelligence reports were not kept secret at all. In fact, they have been aired on entire Pakistani media. Moreover, a senior security official said, weve got14 or15 men in custody, who are responsible for killing a number of people. The official further clarified that these were not forced confessions, as the investigations were carried out by Joint Investigation Teams. Despite this bitter reality, the PPP is not taking stern action against the culprits probably due to fragile economyand democratic system of Pakistan. The PPP is probably afraid that a stern action against criminal gangs would create unrest in Karachi and hurt our economy. The governments top priority should be to rid the city of those who have held it hostage to achieve their own political and criminal aims. The people living there want the city to once again become a city of lights, where they can live happily and without any fear of target killers and so many mafias. DR SAIFURREHMAN,Jamshoro