LAHORE The 28th death anniversary of National Anthems composer Abu-ul-Asar Hafeez Jalandhari largely went by unnoticed as no major event was held to pay homage to the great poet in the provincial metropolis on Tuesday. Although some TV channels aired news and documentaries to mark the death anniversary but not a single activity was observed by any governmental department or even by the followers of the legendary poetic figure. Regional Director Pakistan Academy of Letters Altaf Hussain Qureshi while terming the tradition of forgetting our national heroes said people were busy solving their problems having no room for such activities. He said State-run-institutions have quite insufficient funds to organise the events so they usually ignore to commemorate such celebrities. He said it was very regretful that no ceremony was held to mark the death anniversary of the great Urdu poet and creator of National Anthem. A renowned poet Shehzad Ahmed, while talking to this scribe, expressed his sadness saying the values of remembering our predecessors were vanishing. He said Hafeez Jalandhari did a lot for Urdu language but what to criticise the writers and poets in this regards, when even the governmental policies were against the promotion of Urdu Language. He said although Urdu was decided as national language but since last 60 years it had not adopted in real meaning. Hafeez Jalandhari was born in Jalandher in 1900 to a Rajput Family. He was active worker of Pakistan Movement. He propagated the cause of Pakistan through his writings and poetry. Shahnama-e-Islam, a brief poetic history of golden period of Islam is also on his credit. He also wrote many patriotic songs during 1965 war. He held the position of Director General of morals in Pakistan Armed Forces, Chief Adviser to the President, Field Martial Muhammad Ayub Khan and Director of Writers Guild. His literary achievements earned him the Editorship of some of the very important periodicals and magazines of his time like Phool, Pak Sarzameen, Hazar Dastan and Makhzan. He also wrote columns for several loading newspapers of Pakistan. His poetical works include the most famous 'Shahnama Islam and childrens songs. He was awarded with most coveted awards of Hilai-e-lmtiaz and the Pride of Performance. Jalandhari died in 1982 and was buried in Minto Park near Minar-e-Pakistan. His shrine is also not in good condition as authorities have many 'others work to do.