Speaking at a function organised by Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan, well-known intellectual and jurist Muwahid Hussain Shah highlighted reasons for the decline of Muslim Ummah and made valuable suggestions to revive the past glory of Islam. The focus of his presentation was that despite huge manpower and rich resources, the Ummah had no say in world affairs. It was so painful that the Muslim leadership had no realisation of their strength and importance. Instead their focus was to further accumulate wealth which was not a yardstick to determine their status in the world. The fact remains that 57 Muslim countries have no representation at the UN Security Council. The name of Indonesia could be flouted as the most eligible candidate having the largest Muslim population. The OIC and Arab League had long been rendered useless because they failed to play any effective role at the world stage, and there is hardly any hope that either of them could be reactivated to do any good to the Islamic world. Effective Indian, Israeli and American lobbies have joined hands to keep the Ummah bleeding. Palestinian are being martyred in cold blood, innocent Kashmiris are being subjected to untold state sponsored terrorism, Iraqi nation has been devastated on a false pretext of possessing weapons of mass destruction and Afghans are being killed by the occupying NATO forces, and yet Muslim leaders are watching all this as silent spectators. If this apathy continues, the next target would be Iran and Pakistan. Their nuclear programmes are grudged by the West and America while keeping their eyes closed to Israeli and Indian nuclear programmes. These double standards are not being questioned by Muslim leadership mainly because they have failed to emerge as a solid voice. How far could this be allowed to continue? It is the responsibility of Muslim opinion makers and intellectuals to make the Ummah realise its shortcomings and do what needs to be done. They must stand up before a stage comes when nothing could be done.