Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani while describing the passage of 19th constitutional amendment as a landmark step has that today the parliament and the political leadership has shown their political sagacity. Speaking in the National Assembly after passage of the Bill here on Wednesday, he said the parliament has dispelled the impression that there was any confrontation between State institutions. He expressed the confidence that the Bill would go a long way in strengthening State institutions and ensure streamlining of their functions in their given limits. He congratulated the whole nation for passage of 19th amendment Bill and said there would be no clash of institutions in future and the credit goes to the current parliament which has removed all amendments made by the dictators for their own designs. He said the amendment would definitely lead to strengthening of all State institutions particularly the judiciary. Other members from various parliamentary parties also congratulated the nation on the passage of the amendment Bill. They also appreciated Supreme Court for its role to strengthen the State institutions by its verdict in the 18th amendment case.