The poultry revolution in Pakistan has touched a climax to justify the old saying Ghar ki murgi daal brabar. The modern mass-produced hybrid chicken deploying latest scientific and technological advances during the past 50 years has been a constant success story in spite of several setbacks faced by the poultry producers. At first poultry meat competed successfully with mutton and later with beef ultimately competing with Daal staple food of the poor masses. At present the chicken meat prices hover around the average retail price of different kinds of Daal at Rs. 120 to Rs. 130 per Kg. what is required is for the Government to let the poultry farming develop without it being penalized by such agencies as the Competition Commission that is bent upon killing the hen that lays golden eggs by hefty fines levied on the PPA and its members. Let the masses of Pakistan enjoy tender broiler meat at prices of Daal and not put roadblocks in the development of commercial poultry sector of Pakistan that provides protein rich food to people at affordable price.Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti,Lahore