ISLAMABAD - Top leadership of the ruling PPP is likely to offer Balochistan governorship to the erstwhile estranged ally, the JUI-F, to save its provincial government. Well-placed political sources informed The Nation on Tuesday that this option was under discussion between the PPP and JUI-F after series of crucial meetings held between the two. Maulana Fazlur Rehman has assured all-out support to the Balochistan Chief Minister with the condition that he would in return secure the prestigious slot of governorship for his party, the sources privy to these developments said. The sources were of the view that the shrewd Maulana showed his leaning towards PPP after realising the fact that none of political players other than the PPP could offer him the best deal in the given situation. The sources said the JUI-F chief had realised that the PML-Q, the largest parliamentary party in the 51-member Provincial Assembly, couldnt offer him any better deal the PPP could do. They were of the view that the PPP leadership, which needed crucial support of the JUI-F to save the provincial government, was in deep thoughts to pick whether the PML-Q as a dependable coalition partner or fall in the lap of JUI-F.