LAHORE-Led by its Punjab President Ahsan Rashid, Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf held a protest demonstration in front of Punjab Assembly on Tuesday against the proposed RGST and governments alleged failure to address issues of price hike, corruption, lawlessness and unemployment The PTI workers also staged a token hunger strike camp at the same venue to high light issues of public concern. A good number of party workers participated in the demonstration to express their disapproval of governments, what they called anti-poor policies which had made their lives miserable Partys central Secretary Information, Umer Sarfraz Cheema, Lahore President Ahsan Rashid, President women wing Punjab, Syeda Saloni Bukhari, Secretary Information Punjab, Dr. Shahid Siddique Khan and Zaheer Abbass Khokar were prominent on the occasion. Addressing the workers, PTI leaders grilled the government for its failure to provide relief to the common man. They alleged that rulers were leading a luxurious life unmindful of public problems. Ahsan Rashid said that corrupt rulers were further squeezing the blood of common man by imposing harsh taxes on them. He also criticised PML-N leadership for lending support to PPP government despite its bad governance and corruption.